What do you carry to work: Briefcase or Tote?

Do you carry a briefcase or tote to work?

I work in the Financial District of NYC and can honestly say that I can’t remember the last time I saw a woman carrying a briefcase. Although, I do know that a few of my friends who work as attorneys do carry a briefcase to work.  The briefcase is perfect for them because of all of the papers and files they must carry around between clients and the courthouse.

But, most women that I know, including my classmates and co-workers, carry one or two bags: either a large tote/hobo or a small purse and supplemental tote bag.  It all depends on your trade and what you need to carry around during the day.

But whatever your choice, please carry with style!  As I climb the corporate ladder, I’d like to purchase the Hermes Birkin bag.  It’s large enough to serve the purpose of both briefcase and tote.  I’ve listed a few other stylish ones below.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Black Leather Tote

2. Jack Georges Milano Collection Briefcase

3. Fendi Zucca Canvas Briefcase

4. Louis Vuitton Damier Briefcase

5. Fendi Zucca Canvas Tote

6.  Gucci Canvas Tote

7.  Bottega Venetta Quilted Leather Briefcase

8.  Furla Cherry Ostrich Tote

What’s your carrying style: Tote or Briefcase?  What are your favorite brands?

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