Wall Street Journal: Women in the Economy

The Wall Street Journal and McKinsey are hosting a conference in Palm Beach, Florida this Spring. ¬†Editors and a select group of Women and Men – CEO’s, VPs, Policymakers, experts, and others – will come together to discuss the powerful impact women have had in our economy. ¬†This year’s focus will be aimed at identifying specific ways that companies and individuals can drive change to ‘maximize the potential of women.’

A few of the women on the Task Force include:

  • Venus Williams – World Champion Tennis Player, Founding Abassador WTA-UNESCO Gender Equality program
  • Debra Lee – Chairman & CEO of BET Networks
  • Geena Davis – Actress and Founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
  • Marissa Mayer – VP at Google
  • Sandra Day O’Connor – Retired Supreme Court Justice

For more information, you can visit www.womeninecon.wsj.com.