Christian Louboutin vs. YSL: The Battle over the Red Sole

This past Tuesday, representatives from both Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent were at it again for a second round in a battle over the infamous red hue.

Let’s face it, when you see a woman walking with a pair of ‘red-bottoms,’ your first inclination is that she is wearing a pair of hot and very expensive Christian Louboutin shoes.  It’s hard to put your finger on it, but the ‘red bottoms’ speak volumes of a woman’s class and confidence.  And, it seems only justifiably so that Christian Louboutin would want to protect their iconic brand image.

For many years, designers have been battling knockoffs and companies that blatantly steal their designs.  And this case highlights a critical issue: fashion designers really don’t have protection over their creations.  Will designers ever have intellectual property rights?  The judgment made in this case will set a precedent for future cases to come.  Stay tuned….

What do you guys think?


F.A.B. on Wall Street: Polyvore raises $14 Million from DAG Ventures, Goldman Sachs and Others

You guys have to know about Polyvore!  If not, we are going to have to work on increasing your F.A.B Index (TM).  Well, Polyvore is an online community of fashionistas.  Users can pull pieces that they like from various online retailers to create personalized collages.  Polyvore lets designers know how many and which of their pieces are used in sets, and how the users style them with other pieces.

I love going to Polyvore to look at how other users pair things together and to help style an outfit for a special weekend outing.  It’s a really useful program!  Below is a set created using Calvin Klein pieces.

This recent round of funding, of $14 Million, was led by DAG Ventures, with participation from Goldman Sachs, Vivi Nevo, Benchmark Capital, and Matrix Partners.  The funding will be used to develop their product offering and hire additional engineering talent.

They also just announced “Polyvore Live,” which will showcase the collections of four up-and-coming designers.  Stay tuned for more innovation from this fabulous company!

F.A.B. on Wall Street: Acquires FashionStake

Our favorite company, is at it again.  Previously, we reported that received $40 Million in additional funding.  And, they are already putting the funds to good use. has acquired FashionStake.  FashionStake is an e-commerce retailer for independent fashion designers.  Their growing portfolio of designers fits right in with’s business model.  They say is to Groupon what Facebook is to Myspace.  So, look out GroupOn!

Can’t wait to see all the fab new pieces and any workwear items on

Wall Street Journal: Women in the Economy

The Wall Street Journal and McKinsey are hosting a conference in Palm Beach, Florida this Spring.  Editors and a select group of Women and Men – CEO’s, VPs, Policymakers, experts, and others – will come together to discuss the powerful impact women have had in our economy.  This year’s focus will be aimed at identifying specific ways that companies and individuals can drive change to ‘maximize the potential of women.’

A few of the women on the Task Force include:

  • Venus Williams – World Champion Tennis Player, Founding Abassador WTA-UNESCO Gender Equality program
  • Debra Lee – Chairman & CEO of BET Networks
  • Geena Davis – Actress and Founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
  • Marissa Mayer – VP at Google
  • Sandra Day O’Connor – Retired Supreme Court Justice

For more information, you can visit


Tyra Banks Got FAB for Wall Street at NYSE

As some of you may know, Tyra Banks is enrolled at the Harvard Business School pursuing an MBA degree.  She is definitely putting her education to good use.  Tyra rang the bell at the NYSE earlier this year and promoted her new business venture, Type F.

Type F is a fashion and beauty focused website offering tips and everything FABulous for women.

Like Tyra’s look?  You can remix her ensemble by adding a nice Blazer for a fun afterwork outing.

Romper – Equipment Earl

Blazer – Bop Basics ( exclusive line)

Handbag – Rebecca Minkoff

Shoes – Calvin Klein Collection

(items can be purchased at